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Swingbox Licensing Group LLC. makes available to the marketplace a variety of patented and patent pending products, premiums and displays.

The following is a brief description of some of these exciting items:

The Swingbox Folding Display (patented and patent pending)

This construction is an ideal pre-pack retail shipper display, for use as floor displays, power wings (sidekicks) and counter displays. There are two key benefits to this construction. First is its large surface area for graphics and promotional messaging, and second is the unique folding capability resulting in shipping efficiency. These displays can be seen in mass, drug and supermarket channels.

Swingbox products are also available for businesses and schools. For businesses the Swingbox Tradeshow DisplayPRO is the markets most versatile table top display. For schools the Swingbox 3-D display is the most feature-rich display board on the market, great for science fair, History Day and a variety of craft and presentation projects.
The Swingshelf (patent pending)

The Swingshelf is ideal for temporary, semi permanent and permanent displays. Swingshelf pre-pack displays ship in a compact profile, and cleverly unfold at retail to attractively display products. These clever folding shelves can be made from paperboard, wood, metal or plastic and can be used for counter, power wing and/ or floor displays.

The Swingbox Tower construction (patented and patent pending)

The Swingbox Tower is a unique dual tray pre-pack display that is an ideal construction for use as clip strip, floor display, and quarter, half or full pallet displays, This unique construction minimizes the number of parts required to make a display. Reduced number of parts results in displays that are less costly to produce, require less dies, and are easier to assemble, thereby reducing the cost of assembly and the overall cost of the displays.

The Swingbox Pop Out Demo Table & Display (patent pending)

If sampling, product demos, or a product showcase is what you are looking for, then the Swingbox Pop Out Demo Table & Display may be just the tool for you. This clever pre-pack display features a dual-tower shelf system with a sturdy pop out table. The center of the display features a large space for signage.

The Swingslot counter/ shelf display construction (patent pending)

The Swingslot counter display is an ideal pre-pack construction for merchandising items packaged on a blister cards, or other thin items that need to be merchandised in an upright position. Like many other counter and shelf displays this item is low cost to produce, however unlike most other displays, the Swingslot counter displays are unique one-piece constructions. They allow more flexibility in creative executions without the need for additional parts, making assembly and packout a breeze, while maximizing the impact at the counter or the shelf.

The Swingbox Products and Premiums (patented)

Premiums, gifts and product packaging are yet another use for the Swingbox construction. Benefits include a "surprise inside"folding feature, and a large promotional surface for messaging. Major premium programs have been produced for: Microsoft, HBO, NBC's Olympics; Walmart's Credit Card; FAO Schwarz; Ringling Bros. Circus; Nike Golf; Texaco; and Sprint.

The Swingbox Caddy (patented an patent pending)

Add handles to your Swingbox contruction and you have a great container you can easily carry. This clever construction makes a great gift container for carrying wine & spirits, a portable scrapbooking kit that swings closed after use, a basket of goodies at mass retailer or wholesale club, a party pack for kids, the possibilities are endless.


If you are interested in purchasing, licensing or reselling any items from the Swingbox family of products for use as Products, Packaging, or Displays please call or send us an email.


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